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Entry #6

Lil' Paco Episode 2

7/1/13 by BatOuttaHellStudios
Updated 7/1/13

Check out LIL' PACO EPISODE 2 here!

I finally released the second episode of Lil' Paco. It's been a long time coming, but I feel the final product is really good. I love how many characters I was able to cram in under 10 minutes, and yet still maintained to slip in a lot of jokes and social commentary --- not to mention some subtle and not so subtle references to certain videogames and bands.

Future Lil' Paco projects include a comic book, revival of the webcomic, and hopefully a tv series! If you're a fan, let me know. I'll take all the support I can get for the future of this series :)


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Did something Happen? Is li'l Paco dead or just on hiatus?



Glad to see Lil' Paco isn't dead after these six/seven months, great job by everyone involved! Good luck on your future work with the series!

Truly professional work on all fronts! Glad you're sticking with Lil Paco, and I wish you the best for a profitable and bright future!

7/1/13 (Updated 7/2/13) BatOuttaHellStudios responds:

Thanks, I need more champions like you! :)